5 Tips to Push Your Online Sales

If you’ve recently started your online marketing career and you want to promote your product in the most effective way and make more money, there are certain things you need to know:

  1. Make sure that your product or offer is good. There are too many things which people already have – don’t create another useless item which can favor only “fundamental consumerists”.
  2. Offer an outstanding customer service. Show the people that you care about them, ask if they liked your product and how it can be improved. Remember that you should serve the customer, not just “sell”.
  3. Use testimonials. Let the people see what your actual clients think about you. This is the best proof of your trustworthiness. Put testimonials together with your product and you’ll be surprised with the result.
  4. Use advertising. Each type of advertising can work effectively depending on your product. Avoid scams and use services that work. Facebook, MyLikes and MGID are examples of effective services.
  5. Use tricks. You can make the price lower or offer discounts – and these are not the only ways to keep customers interested.

Keep your sales and standards high and remember that selling is about knowing what your customer wants.


Learning How to Sell Online

If you go online to share something with the world you either want to draw people’s attention to the content that you think is interesting, or make some money online. This post is for those of you who want to make money, because between the desire and the result there’s always a lot of work. What kind of work? That’s exactly what I want to write about. Some of my friends, who just started their online marketing careers, have asked how they can promote their products in the most efficient way (or ways). That’s really a good question to ask, because it takes some skill and exercise to sell a product even if this product is an outstanding one.

First of all you have to make sure that your product, or offer is good. It’s essential because the modern world has an over-abundance of consumer opportunities, and what people thought they needed yesterday, turns out they might not want today. The buying public is fickle and therefore you need to close your deal quickly Above all to “nail the sale”, please make sure that the product or service you sell has value.

Secondly, you should offer an outstanding customer service and post-purchase services. This is the second level which brings value to your product, and makes your brand shine. Let the people feel that you care about them – write letters, ask about their experience, always be thankful and remember that the customer is always right.

Third bit of advice is to use testimonials. You’ll sell your product, or offer three times faster if you have your potential clients know how satisfied your previous clients have been. Put testimonials together with your product and you’ll be surprised with the result.

Fourth suggestion is a simple one. Use advertising! Contextual ads, teaser ads or any other kind of advertising can work effectively. Everything depends on your product. Avoid scams and use services that work. FacebookMyLikes and MGID are good examples. Don’t believe those who say that MyLikes is fraud or MGID is a scam; these companies know how to deliver qualitative results.

Lastly – use tricks. Lower the price, make surprise offers, offer gifts and special discounts for volume and repeat customers – use your imagination! There are many ways to persuade you clients, and you are limited only to your own creativity.

Remember that selling is about knowing what you customer wants, exactly when he wants it. Just keep it in mind and follow the five pieces of advice I gave you and your sales will be outstanding.

New Ways to Monetize Website Traffic

PeerFly, Mundo or Clickbank? Twitter, Facebook or AdSense? Contextual ads, affiliate marketing or social media? All these options are probably well known to webmasters and advertisers. People keen on website traffic monetization are always looking for the new ways to increase their incomes. One of the ways to do it are independent monetization services, which offer a new kind of monetization model. Great examples are nRelate and MGID. While nRelate offers you a plug in which can increase your traffic overnight, MGID has a broad inventory of instruments which advertisers can use to monetize their traffic. Both of these services are the new generation of traffic monetization platforms, which do the most work for you. This makes them very convenient to use, and that is why thousands of advertisers and affiliates are already using them. nRelate and MGID are only two examples of such services, and you can search the Internet from A to Z, to complete the whole list, but I’d recommend you to start with these two, and see how it can work for you.

Advertising In The Global Village & The Top 3 Content Marketing Services

The “Global Village” is growing daily. In December 1995, only 0.4% of world’s population used Internet. In December 2012 this number rose to 35%. The Internet has really gone viral. The advent of the Internet stands as the greatest tool of global unification and commerce to be embraced by man. Now think of the monetary side of this phenomenon. You don’t have to be a genius to understand how much money from advertising Internet generates, if even your grandmother clicks on ads while visiting Facebook in the morning.

Just look at these numbers – Internet advertising revenues in the US totaled $31.7 billion in 2011 (enough money to keep the annual budget of Monaco running for more than 20 years). Today revenues continue climbing to a record quarterly high of $9.3 billion in the July to September period for 2012, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Why am I telling you this? Because I want to make it clear that, if you have a website you’re trying to make money with – you should advertise/market your content “on-line”. It’s THE one-best way to receive a healthy ROI, and improve your digital karma!

Means of advertising and marketing websites’ content evolutionzed together with the Internet itself. In the very beginning (1996 A.D.) there were rudimentary traffic exchanges where webmasters had to click around to get visits, and let their content be seen. If these exchanges only knew that 15 years later Google’s Panda and Penguin updates would severely punish them, they’d probably think twice before appearing in digital world.

About the same time, the first Search Engline Optimization (SEO) techniques started to appear. Like a single-malt whiskey, they got better and better with every year and nowadays there are numerous SEO companies that do a pretty amazing job at making websites content be seen by millions of users. And of course, the appearance of social media websites was like a Second Coming. The major ones like MySpace (I bet you remember the time when it was cool) Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc., did a revolution which influenced both the Internet as a whole and Internet advertising specifically. But just take a look below; there are new interesting tools on the horizon.

Imagine how your ancestors reacted to the appearance of a locomotive. It was like a miracle! Or, imagine what they would say if they could see a fly-over of jets above their heads. Technical revolution nailed it. Old content marketing methods can be compared to the locomotive. But where’s the jet? Around 2005, special content marketing services started to appear on the net and kicked in their after-burner for their clients! They had various names such as website promotion, content discovery, related content syndication, website marketing, audience development, content marketing, traffic exchange, web 2.0, headline distribution, content recommendations and this list goes on and on.

Let’s be clear! The above list of terms serves one purpose – they all describe a fundamental: and that is pure content marketing. I’m sure you can find a list of service-providers for each term and word combination, but let me do you a favor. I will give you the name and details on the top 3 content marketers, which in my opinion hit a home run for their clients every time:

1) http://nrelate.com/ – The first thing you see visiting their website is the note that “60, 000+ Sites Choose nRelate”. Looks impressive and it truly is! nRelate makes traffic increase easy with their content plug-in, which promises websites a 5 to 12% increase in page views in just a few short hours after you install it. Technical revolution nailed it, eh? All simple things are genius – to make a long story short, this plug-in allows you to share content between your network of sites or from other sites you love so the page views increases naturally – like a tree blooming in spring. The only difference is that you have to wait a year to see trees bloom again, and nRelate requires just a couple of hours make your page views bloom. You can sign up to make extra money by displaying ads as well. Have doubts? Visit their website, read the reviews and get their plug-in.

2) http://www.taboola.com/ – Look no further if your website is about video content. I’d say Taboola is the video content marketing king, though they call their service simply “a content discovery and distribution platform”. Having 180M uniques a month and nearly a billion recommendations served every day their service is used by publishers to recirculate their own traffic by generating personalized on-site content recommendations. Taboola’s user-friendly widget has already made thousands of websites happy. The list of happy clients includes the NYTimes, BBC, TMZ, Bloomberg, Fox Television and some other really serious clients. Serious clients, serious service, serious ROI. Taboola routinely lifts CTR by 50%-300% and this number literally has no limits. Their traffic is of high quality and marketers love it. By the way the name “Taboola” is a play on the term “Tabula-Rasa”. In mathematics, the name reflects an ongoing attempt to solve an equation without built-in variables or pre-conceived notions. Judging from their quality of service and the names of their clients, they can easily solve any digital marketing equation very well, indeed.

3) http://mgid.com/ – And last but not least is MGID being ranked by Alexa at #245 in the US. If Taboola is “The Video Content Marketing King”, MGID’s title could be “The Content Marketing Mastermind”, though it’s humbly called an “Audience Development Platform”. If you have premium quality content on your website, whether it’s entertainment, editorial, sport, video or reviews, MGID will market your content and boost your traffic. MGID offers to put their widget on your website which will bring you a 150% return in traffic. Interesting fact is that they do it for free! So you ask, how is it possible to boost traffic for free? Their audience development network makes your content be seen on thousands of websites and gives you the promised 150% return. Judging from my own experience and their testimonials – it’s 100% for real. As with the other two on the list, you can acquire traffic and become a top-rated advertiser. Fame at last!

So that’s it. You may ask me if there’s a favorite service of mine among the three. I’d say “no”. They’re all equal, bringing you the impressive set of advantages each in their own way. I have created this list based on my own experiences, the experiences of my friends and the quality of these services’ client base.

I really hope you found this article useful and soon your website’s incomes will be as big as Monaco’s annual budget. Keep your digital karma clean and healthy and have an amazing day everyone!