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Learning How to Sell Online

If you go online to share something with the world you either want to draw people’s attention to the content that you think is interesting, or make some money online. This post is for those of you who want to make money, because between the desire and the result there’s always a lot of work. What kind of work? That’s exactly what I want to write about. Some of my friends, who just started their online marketing careers, have asked how they can promote their products in the most efficient way (or ways). That’s really a good question to ask, because it takes some skill and exercise to sell a product even if this product is an outstanding one.

First of all you have to make sure that your product, or offer is good. It’s essential because the modern world has an over-abundance of consumer opportunities, and what people thought they needed yesterday, turns out they might not want today. The buying public is fickle and therefore you need to close your deal quickly Above all to “nail the sale”, please make sure that the product or service you sell has value.

Secondly, you should offer an outstanding customer service and post-purchase services. This is the second level which brings value to your product, and makes your brand shine. Let the people feel that you care about them – write letters, ask about their experience, always be thankful and remember that the customer is always right.

Third bit of advice is to use testimonials. You’ll sell your product, or offer three times faster if you have your potential clients know how satisfied your previous clients have been. Put testimonials together with your product and you’ll be surprised with the result.

Fourth suggestion is a simple one. Use advertising! Contextual ads, teaser ads or any other kind of advertising can work effectively. Everything depends on your product. Avoid scams and use services that work. FacebookMyLikes and MGID are good examples. Don’t believe those who say that MyLikes is fraud or MGID is a scam; these companies know how to deliver qualitative results.

Lastly – use tricks. Lower the price, make surprise offers, offer gifts and special discounts for volume and repeat customers – use your imagination! There are many ways to persuade you clients, and you are limited only to your own creativity.

Remember that selling is about knowing what you customer wants, exactly when he wants it. Just keep it in mind and follow the five pieces of advice I gave you and your sales will be outstanding.

New Ways to Monetize Website Traffic

PeerFly, Mundo or Clickbank? Twitter, Facebook or AdSense? Contextual ads, affiliate marketing or social media? All these options are probably well known to webmasters and advertisers. People keen on website traffic monetization are always looking for the new ways to increase their incomes. One of the ways to do it are independent monetization services, which offer a new kind of monetization model. Great examples are nRelate and MGID. While nRelate offers you a plug in which can increase your traffic overnight, MGID has a broad inventory of instruments which advertisers can use to monetize their traffic. Both of these services are the new generation of traffic monetization platforms, which do the most work for you. This makes them very convenient to use, and that is why thousands of advertisers and affiliates are already using them. nRelate and MGID are only two examples of such services, and you can search the Internet from A to Z, to complete the whole list, but I’d recommend you to start with these two, and see how it can work for you.